In this module, specific training is provided on business development, marketing strategies and business promotion, particularly in the context of crafts and semi-industrial businesses.

By the end of the training, the learner should be able to:

1. Understand the basic elements to take into account when starting a business.
2. Understand different selling techniques and how various marketing processes can be used to reach different clientele bases.
3. Grasp what a sustainable business is and the key factors to reach this goal.
4. Connect to other artisans and makers in their area of expertise or region who have similar goals to create mutually beneficial networks.
5. Understand possible external funding opportunities and how to use them.
6. Appreciate, benefit from and take care of the specific skills that make their process and product unique.
7. Understand how new technologies can be used as an opportunity to grow and improve their business.

How can I start my own business?

How can I create a successful business?




Learn how to...

make your business plan, prepare your roadmap,
address the needs, reach your partners and customers, 
establish your revenue streams, use your reseources efficiently,
create viable business propositions etc.

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